Audit Log Api

Note: This page has not yet been converted to the new developer portal format. Please use Swagger to test this API.

Audit Log API

Event log report service.

GET /rest/reports/auditLog


Retrieve the audit log data over a period of time.





Request Header



NameData TypeRequired?Description
reportTypestringtrueSecurity / Contact
fromdatetrueStart date, should be in the same month as “to”.
todatetrueEnd date, should be in the same month as “from”.
queryTypestringfalsepageQuery (default value) / scroll
srollIdstringfalseScroll ID. Will expire in 3 minutes by default if no request.
Can set pageNo=0 and queryType=scroll to get the scroll ID first.
pageNointtruePage number should be less than or equal to 100 because ES had the max items limitation which should be 1000 by default and the default page size is 100.
If queryType is pageQuery, pageNo should be larger than 0.


  "currentPageNo": 0,
  "data": [
      "accountId": 295910361792516,
      "accountName": "ApiAutoAccount_1589279133967master",
      "activityType": "Security",
      "entityId": 0,
      "entityInfo": "ApiEbadminFn_01589279468104 ApiEbadminLn_01589279468104 update",
      "eventResult": "Success",
      "eventTime": "2020-09-16T03:55:47",
      "eventType": "Organization Management",
      "ipAddress": "",
      "operationType": "Update",
      "organizationId": 295910361792520,
      "organizationName": "ApiAutoOrg_master1589279135888",
      "source": "EB Admin",
      "type": "audit-logs",
      "userId": 295910361792522,
      "userName": "ApiEbadminFn_01589279468104 ApiEbadminLn_01589279468104"
  "pageSize": 0,
  "scrollId": "string",
  "start": 0,
  "totalCount": 0,
  "totalPageCount": 0


This API returns success for many business failures in the following format:

  "success": false,
  "message": "<See table below>",
  "type": "business"
Page number is too large, from * size must be less than or equal to: [10000]. The pagination API of pageQuery type only returns a subset of records, you can set queryType to scroll to get all records in batch.If queryType is pageQuery, and pageNo * pageSize (default value=100) > 10000
The current account does not enable 'Event Logging, Reporting & Alerting Policy'.If the account is not enabled for Event Logging, Reporting & Alerting Policy in EB Admin.
The date range must be within a single calendar month.If from-to date is not in one single calendar month.
The date range must be within the past 6 months.If the date range is past 6 months.
The page number should be greater than 1.If pageType is pageQuery, but set pageNo to 0.