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How to send a notification to On-Call contacts via the API

I've gotton POST Notifications working for single contacts (broadcastContacts.externalIds and .contactIDs) and for an entire group (broadcastContacts.groupIds). I would like to send a notification to only the currently on-call person in a particular group. The group has a linked calendar and a staffed shift. It also has sequencing enabled. What is the correct combination of broadcastContacts and broadcastSettings to achieve this?

POST Notifications limit delivery to SMS only

Hi Team, I have been testing sending notifications via API which current are sent to a number of defaulted channels Phone, email, text/sms to work mobile, text/sms to personal mobile. I would like to limit to only send through SMS channel. I believe perhaps this can be achieved by adding broadcastSettings/deliveryPaths to the json request of the post, however its not clear to me exactly what needs to be set/sent. Thanks

API Account Expiration

Is there a way to set up API access that doesn't have an expiring password?

Are 3rd Party Application Push Notifications Sent for Incidents?

Are 3rd party application push notifications sent for incidents or just for mass notifications?

3rd Party Application Push Notification Payload

What is the payload for the 3rd party application push notifications? Reference: <https://developers.everbridge.net/home/docs/notifications#sending-push-notifications-to-a-3rd-party-application>

Is it possible to download a backup of the current contracts CSV file using the Api?

Is it possible to download a backup of the current contracts CSV file using the Api?

Missing API to create/update an Incident template

Hi. Looking the documentation and the swagger information is not possible to create/update an incident template. The idea is to have an generic incident template always available and change the information like message and recipients before the incident has been open. Is there any way to do that? Thanks Stefano

Upload Contacts csv via API - Getting Request Failed with status code UnsupportedMediaType

I am aple to upload a CSV file using the API Reference page, but when I use the same code in my c# application I get "Request failed with status code UnsupportedMediaType" Code below. The file is found and is the same file that works if I use the API reference page interactively. Any suggestions? (I tried a few variations - commented out below) ``` async Task UploadFileToEverbridge(string contactsFilePath,string contactsFileName, string outputFileFulePath, Logger logger) { try { contactsFilePath = contactsFilePath +@"\"; //add the slash logger.Info(contactsFilePath + contactsFileName); var options = new RestClientOptions("https://api.everbridge.net/rest/contacts/(org redacted)?uploadMethod=WITH_RECORD_TYPE"); var client = new RestClient(options); var request = new RestRequest(""); request.AlwaysMultipartFormData = true; request.AddHeader("accept", "application/JSON"); request.FormBoundary = "---011000010111000001101001"; request.AddHeader("authorization", "Basic (creds redacted)); request.AddFile("file",outputFileFullPath); //request.Addfile("file", outputFileFullPath,ContentType.Plain) //also tried this //request.AddFile("file", "Replace.csv"); //original line from API Reference Page var response = await client.PostAsync(request); logger.Info("Server Response:", response.Content); } catch (Exception ex) { logger.Error(ex.Message); } } ``` }

GET /users

Hello. Anny plans to add additional parameters to pull users using this call? We should have the option of requesting users with apiAccess, search for users with a specific ssoUserId. Right now I would need to pull thousands of users just to get the one with the specific SSO user Id.. given that the ssoUserId needs to be unique, it should also be something which can be used to query, instead of having to look for it across thousands of user records. Thank you.

To delete a contact from a group.

I am trying to delete a contact from a group and this is how I am going about it. ``` await client.DeleteAsync($"groups/{organizationId}/contacts?groupId={groupId}&contactIds={contact.ID}"); ``` I am getting a 400 bad request error. I have also tried the following call and it still fails ``` await httpClient.DeleteAsync($"groups/{organizationId}/contacts/{groupId}/{contactId}"); ``` What am I missing and what is the change I need to make the request?