List Groups

Retrieve all groups for an organization


Creating Group

When you get a group by ID, if it’s not found you get a 404. When you get a group by Name, if the group is not found you get a 200 with empty list. It’s NOT consistent in how it handles these same things.

Response body

nameThe name of the group.
parentIdThe ID of the parent group. This value is -1 if there is no parent.
idThis is the internal ID for a group.
createIdThe ID of the user who created this resource.
lastModifiedDateUnix epoch data/time when the contact was last modified.
lastModifiedThe internal ID of the user that last modified this contact.
lastModifiedNameFirst and last name of the user that last modified this contact.
lastSynchronizedTimeThe date time of last refreshing map layer data.
accountIdThe ID of the account that owns this resource.
resourceBundleIdThe ID of the Role which owns this resource.
organizationIdThe ID of the Organization that owns this resource.
enableSequenceContactWhether sequenced has been enabled for a group or not.
dirtyWhether the contacts of this group have been updated and need to refresh map layer data.

Error Messages

400Missing or Invalid request input.
401Invalid or missing credentials.
404Non-existing name or non-existing ID.
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