Get Incident

Retrieve details of an incident within an organization. This also returns the list of notifications launched within a given incident.

Response body



For every notification launched for an incident, there will be an entry within result.incidentPhases with a unique notificationId

idIncident ID.
nameName of the incident. Note that this is NOT the template name
incidentStatusOpen or Closed.
incidentTypeIncident or Scenario.
incidentPhases.notificationIdNotification Id launched using this template phase.
incidentPhases.statusThis will always be 'A'
incidentPhases.nameSystem defined phase name (New/Updated/Closed) 10011: Indicates 'New' phase.
- 20011: Indicates 'Updated' phase. For multiple updates, this number will be sequentially updated.
- 30011: Indicates 'Closed' phase
incidentPhases.phaseTemplate.nameCustom phase name provided in manager portal for the phase used for this notification. 1001: New phase
- 1002: Updated phase
- 1003: Closed phase
phaseStatusPhase detail for the phase used in the most recent notification

Error Messages

404Incident not found
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