Create Group

Create a new group within an organization

When creating a new group, if parent id is not defined then it is defaulted to -1 indicating that created group is at the top level


Using property 'enableSequencedContact'

Don’t use the “enableSequencedContact” variable via the API. It could cause an error with the platform


Calendar Permission

User does not have calendar permission, status 401. If you see this it means that you tried to post a new calendar object and have a “calendarId” field in your JSON. If you do not have calendar features enabled then this will throw an error. When submitting your JSON you need to remove this parameter for the API call to succeed

Request body

nameThe name of the group
parentIdThe ID of the parent group. This value is -1 if there is no parent
calendarIdId of the scheduled calendar event - COMING SOON
descriptionThe description for this group

Error Messages

401Missing Organization Id
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